Introducing our new drummer....

Following the retirement of our long standing drummer Keith Setchell (who will still make an appearance now and then) we welcome our new stick man: Kevin 'Taffy' Bick!

Kevin’s interest in rock music started in 1980, after buying the compilation Album Axe Attack where his heroes Ac/Dc appeared along with Whitesnake, Rainbow, Scorpions and Judas Priest. Kevin (aka Taffy) took up the drums while living in Wales when he was 16, he tried the guitar a few times but just wanted to hit things hard and found learning scales and strumming to be very mundane.

Kevin has been playing full time in bands since 2004 where he joined a local Grimsby band “Feedback”, he then later moved North in 2007.

Since moving to the North East he has played for a few bands that include The Beer Monkeys, Electrical Storm and The Sheiks.

His favourite drummers are Phil Rudd, Randy Castillo, John Bonham and Matt Sorum.

Taffy thinks that “Contraband are a great band that I am lucky enough to be joining, they play great rock music and are a fantastic bunch of lads that I am looking forward to working with.”