A bit about the one with the big bottom end....

Ron 'Little Mo' Slater was born in 1958 and started playing bass at 12, he started again at 4.30 then had a last go at 9.15 before going to bed!
He fell in love with the sound of the bass guitar after hearing Chris Squire from the band Yes playing wonderful bass lines on the album 'Fragile', and after saving his paper round money bought is first bass, ( an Ibanez Artist). His first band, ( The Teachers Pets), was formed with a flock of school mates and his first gig was at the local youth club doing rock covers. Over the years he moved from band to band before ending up in club land; he has been the bass player with most of the top club bands, (Invision, Twilight Zone, Playboys Etc Etc..) and earned himself a reputation as a top class musician that rarely made mistakes. Ron also had a short stint with the band that went on to become Prefab Sprout, although Ron left shortly before they became famous. Ron has no regrets though, as he says " with my looks I'll never be a pop star!".

Fifteen years ago he joined 'Blueshouse' and played with them for over ten years playing in almost every pub across the North East, even supporting Peter Greens Splinter group for three nights at the Cellar club in South Shields. The two guitarists from Blueshouse eventually went their separate ways and Ron played bass with first one then the other under various names, ( The Longcoats, The Russ Hird Band, The Return etc,etc..).

Four years ago Ron became a founder member of Last Minute and gigged with them constantly until Jan 2012 when both he and the drummer parted company. Ron decided that he would like to continue gigging and asked Skinnyboy if he fancied starting a new band, to which he gladly said yes. Auditions were held and a new drummer was found, and he asked the Lek to front the new venture, and so CONTRABAND was born. What happens now is history in the making!
Ron plays an Ibanez Roadster and a Warwick Dolphin through a Kustom Groove 2x10 600 watt bass combo using eight fingers plus two thumbs.