A bit about our esteemed six stringer....

Our guitarist Martin, christened 'skinny boy' by our jealous vocalist, began playing guitar at the age of 15 after getting hooked on the sound of The Shadows, and a lifetime admirer of the mighty Status Quo.
If it wasn't for his friends Gary Moore 'Ballads & Blues' CD, Martin would probably be in a Shadows tribute somewhere by now, however this Gary Moore compilation album featured an inspiring live version of Parisienne Walkways; an Epiphone Les Paul guitar was soon purchased!

Upon moving to Newcastle in 2003, Martin joined the Last Minute band and stayed with the same line up for nearly five years, gigging all over the North East in pubs and clubs gaining valuable live experience in a working band. In January 2012 the bass player Ron left the band for personal reasons, thankfully Marty and The Leck were able to persuade him to start a fresh new venture called Contraband.

Martin uses Gibson Les Paul and Fender Standard Stratocaster guitars through an early Stoneham 100w prototype amplifier.